Review of Obv. Beauty Oil
by Clay and Essence

Melbourne skincare, hair care and beauty reviewer Clay and Essence is well-loved amongst the skincare world for her honest, detailed and insightful reviews and thoughtfully styled imagery. We sent Denise from Clay and Essence a bottle of Obv. Beauty Oil for her expert review!

"Divine in every sense"

"Claiming to hydrate, smooth and promote elasticity, balance and soothe skin as well as provide a smooth base for makeup, this product also boasts vegan, cruelty free, 100% natural status.⁣⁣

Dominating the formula in position 1 is Kiwi seed oil. High concentrations of omega 3's make it nourishing and soothing. It's also a good source of Vitamin C & E. These functions are well supported by fatty acid rich Sunflower, Watermelon, Hazelnut and Grape seed oils which are nicely emollient and regenerative thanks to a good supply of Vitamin E. ⁣

Adding a burst of antioxidants to help skin stay youthful and calm are Acai, Dilo, Pomegranate, Blueberry and Seabuckthorn oils. Essential oils (geranium, lime, ylang ylang and chamomile) ensure the aroma of this blend is truly intoxicating.⁣

Firstly, the bottle (with dropper) makes a fashion statement while protecting the oil from light exposure. The oil has a bright yellow hue and a relatively thin consistency, the blend chosen because of its non-comedogenic nature. The smell is sublime, a unique scent that is beautiful without being strong. It fades with dry down.⁣

The oil makes a fabulous base for makeup, ensuring skin is hydrated and dewy. As such, I use it during the day as well as ending my PM routine with it. A clearly noticeable improvement in the texture and plumpness of my skin is testament to this product's ability to smooth, calm and hydrate efficiently. Effects last well between applications making it one of the best blends I've tried.⁣

Light enough to please the oiliest of skin types and yet so hydrating and moisturising that it appeases dryness and dehydration, this is a truly gorgeous Australian product that I recommend without hesitation.⁣

If you believe in love at first sight/use, then this pretty much summarises my experience with this luscious beauty oil. It is divine in every sense.⁣ "

"Australian skincare keeps impressing me ... here are some of the stars of my routine."

- Clay and Essence, June 12 2020


Obv. Beauty Oil
Obv. Beauty Oil