1. Are you crazy? Oil? On my face?

Don't let the anti-oil, oil-free, oil-is-bad hype of beauty advertising keep you separated from oil any longer. Oil dissolves oil, so using Obv. can actually help to minimise your skin's oil production and clear your pores so it's great for those with acne-prone or problem skin.

If Obv. is your first beauty oil, then it may feel a little odd at first to be putting pure oil on your skin. However, Obv. will sink into your skin within 15 minutes and will not leave you with a sticky, greasy or shiny face (but please be prepared to GLOW!)

2. Will Obv. make me break out?

It shouldn't. Each of the ingredients in Obv. have been carefully selected for, among other things, their low comedogenic rating - so Obv. will not clog your pores. In fact, Obv. includes anti-bactierial and anti-acne ingredients that help to dissolve excess oil, balance sebum and clean your pores so it's great for those with acne-prone or problem skin.

Oils with higher comedogenic ratings, such as coconut oil, are more likely to cause break outs so we have deliberately not included them in Obv.

3. What does Obv. smell like?

Obv.'s smell could best be described as fresh and slightly sweet, with subtle undertones of geranium, lime, ylang ylang and chamomile combined with the natural aromas of the fruit, flower, nut and seed oils within it. As Obv is made only from natural ingredients, its scent may vary slightly from bottle to bottle.

4. How do I use Obv.?

We have detailed instructions here for using Obv. as a day or night serum. You can also use Obv:

  • to remove makeup;
  • as a cleanser;
  • to soothe and hydrate cracked heels and elbows;
  • for stretchmarks;
  • as a lip oil for dry or cracked lips; 
  • as a cuticle oil; and
  • on the ends of your hair to smooth and nourish dry ends.

5. How long will my Obv. last for?

Because Obv. is formulated without any synthetic preservatives, we recommend you use Obv. within 6 months of opening. To get the most out of your time with Obv., store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

6. Can I use Obv if I'm allergic to nuts?

Obv. contains both Hazelnut Oil and Dilo Oil, so we don't recommend it for use in those with tree nut allergies. Of course if you want to try Obv. anyway, then we would recommend a patch test first and that you discontinue use if you experience any irritation or adverse reaction.

7. Where is Obv made?

Obv. is made in Melbourne, Australia.

8. My skin and Obv. were not a match. Can I return Obv.?

Oh no! Although Obv. is suited to most skin types, if you aren't happy with Obv. then please talk to us to discuss your options for a return.

9. How do I pronounce Obv.?

Oh-be-vee. It stands for Original Beauty Veneration.

10. I've finished my Obv., can I recycle the bottle?

Of course! While we don't accept returns of Obv. bottles for recycling or refilling at this point in time, we have found that the bottles make a great reed diffuser bottle for essential oils (Obv. looks quite lovely sitting on a shelf or table). Simply purchase some reeds and your favourite scented oil and voila! 

11. I have a burning question about Obv. that isn't listed here. Help?

Talk to us!