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Incorporate Obv. Beauty Oil into your AM and PM skincare regimens as a serum, primer for makeup or an extra boost of hydration to your daily moisturiser.

Days with Obv.

To get the best out of Obv. in the daylight hours, add 1-2 drops to your daily moisturiser or apply directly onto your skin as the last step in your morning routine, before applying sunscreen (which is a non-negotiable if you're serious about anti-ageing!)  If you get extra dry skin from air-conditioning throughout the day, warm a drop of Obv. in your fingertips and gently pat around eyes, nose and mouth.

Nights with Obv.

Take Obv. to bed with you either on its own in place of serums and night cream, or, incorporate Obv. into your fully fledged nighttime routine as the last step; working as a barrier to lock in your actives and creams.

Vacays with Obv.

Take Obv. on your worldly pursuits as your carry-on-friendly, multi-tasking, beauty essential. In addition to its everyday roles, Obv. can also be used as a lip oil, cuticle oil, cleansing oil and hair oil; making it the ultimate travel companion when packing room is at a premium.

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