"Original beauty veneration is an obsession with beauty of a kind that’s unique, real and unrestrained; from iconic musicians’ muses who inspired lyrics and melodies, to the allure of those who moved fashion designers, artists and writers towards the creation of their most famous works. Obv. has been created with this beauty in mind."

Meet your new beauty idol

Obv. (/oh.be.vee/) is a natural, all killer no filler beauty oil cued to hydrate, smooth and brighten your skin through a carefully curated mix of fruit, flower, seed and nut oils.

Designed to take a front row seat in your skin care regimen, Obv. is the ultimate multi-tasking oil, primed to take on the role of:

  • Hydration boost for your moisturiser
  • Primer for smooth makeup application

Obv. is made only from natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients with a subtle aroma that's as fresh, affable and free-spirited as the beauties it was inspired by.

Obv. has been formulated without:

  • Parabens, sulfates, silicon and PEGs
  • Artificial preservatives, colours and synthetic fragrances

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Obv. boasts an impressive list of talents, including:

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