The Obv. Story

My love affair with skin care oils began on a trip to the Fiji Islands where I tried a small vial of Dilo Oil, cold pressed from dilo nuts grown in one of the nearby villages. Instantly obsessed with its rich, luxe feel I embarked on what would become a 3 year process of creating the ultimate blend of oils to harmonise with Dilo Oil, including working with a Melbourne-based chemist to perfect the blend to suit all skin types and to add a subtle, signature aroma.

Growing up as an Australian girl in the 90s, my idea of beauty was shaped by the women I saw in music videos, the original supermodels, and a plethora of 70s influences that flooded through fashion and film. It was an era where things were a bit more real; before we saw the injection, ‘perfection’ and blurring of original beauty. A sense of nostalgia over this time inspired the ethos and messaging behind Obv, as well as the packaging. With the bottle I tried to capture a feeling. The pattern was hand sketched from the wood grain of a 70s record player cabinet, the gold is reminiscent of the frames of oversized sunglasses, sequined blazers and other adornments that announce someone’s arrival, and the bamboo lid represents the natural and the simplistic. I wanted the bottle to have a presence. Its own aura. Something that could both stand on its own and make a statement, and that could complement its surroundings.The end result is an embodiment of a complex range of thoughts and ideas, encasing a simple but effective product. I wanted Obv. to be an easy, go-to product without too much overthinking, free of the usual nasties and without any unnecessary filler ingredients that did absolutely nothing for our skin.

I'm so excited to release Obv.'s first born out into the world; and hope you love Obv. as much as I do.

Anna Ström xx

Obv. Face Oil